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Use the Bird Analytics Oracle

What is the Bird Analytics Oracle?

The Bird Analytics Oracle is an application that allows data consumers to retrieve data that the Bird Analytics team has recorded on the blockchain. This ranges from proprietary credit ratings to important real-world events such as equities shocks.

How do I use the Bird Analytics Oracle?

The Analytics Oracle is accessible via a GUI (graphical user interface) as well as an API (application programming interface). Instructions for the API can be found here:
Bird.Money API
The remainder of this section will describe the Analytics Oracle GUI.

Step 1: Fly over to the Bird Analytics Oracle

Select the Oracle Analytics menu item on the left.
Off-Chain Oracle Analytics | Bird Money

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Currently, only Metamask and WalletConnect wallets are supported. When you arrive at the site, click the Connect Wallet button on the right.

Step 3: View your data!

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