Bird.Money is building next-gen DeFi products for the future of lending in Cryptocurrency and beyond.

What is Bird?

Bird.Money is combining bleeding-edge technologies to deliver new DeFi products to all members of our flock.

Our mission is to harness the power of data to create a financial ecosystem tailored to you. We're using our off-chain oracle analytics to provide protocols with trust data that's available on-chain.

Here's what that looks like.

Why should you care?

You're not the same as your neighbour.

You're more responsible. You always return things when you borrow them. You're more caring. You always lend a hand when needed. You're more awesome. That one needs no explanation.

So why should you receive the same crypto loan as your neighbour? With Bird, you won't.

We reward you for your good behaviour, responsibility and general awesomeness. That reward comes in the form of the best loans in all of DeFi, each of which is tailored to you and only you.

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