Bird.Money Tokens

Max Supply - 140,000 Bird

Over 70% of Max Supply Burnt - From presale, The Max supply of BIRD is further reduced by over 70% from 900,000 $BIRD to just 140,000 $BIRD (Burn Total = 674,641 BIRD)

Utility - Transactions made to obtain CCTS information for data consumers and lending platforms via the Bird.Money Trust Network will be paid for in BIRD token.

Exchange liquidity - Adequate liquidity supplied to exchanges to maintain healthy trading volume liquidity.

Lending platform - Used as a collateral supply function to leverage a higher CCTS score and elevated collateralized debt position (CDP) on the Bird.Money lending platform.

Farming - Part of the yield farming mechanism token pairs

Staking - Used to take BIRD token supply out of circulation and raise the integrity of the network.

For development, marketing, and listing we do not have an accurate allocation because we will move in the direction of the community. Each token usage will be discussed and announced before any unlock date and any amounts we don't use will be relocked.

Circulation and Lock up period can be found at:

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